Prior to your first appointment:

  • You will need a referral letter from your GP or specialist.

  • If possible, please complete the patient registration form in advance.

  • Please bring with you:

    • Relevant pathology and scan results.
    • Relevant medical reports e.g. optometrist report, specialist letters.
    • A list of your current medications.
    • If you have diabetes, your glucometer and glucose monitoring records.
    • Your Medicare card.

What to expect during your first appointment:

This appointment usually lasts around 30-45 minutes. In the first consultation, you will have a thorough assessment of your health concerns. We will take a detailed history of your current symptoms and any relevant previous medical history. A physical examination will then be carried out, focussing on the endocrine organ of concern. We will discuss the possible diagnoses and pertinent issues.

Ready to make an appointment?

Once you have your appointment booked, please fill in our registration form.

Together, we will make a clear treatment plan.

This will usually include requesting investigations, such as blood tests and imaging studies. We will discuss non-medication therapies such as dietary changes and increasing levels of physical activity. If required, we will discuss changes to your current medications and/or commencement of new medications to best treat your condition.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions at any point during the consultation.

All information obtained during our consultations is kept strictly confidential, and will only be shared with other medical health professionals with your consent. You will also have the opportunity to request a copy of your medical reports if you wish.

We will correspond with your GP or referring doctor to inform them of the outcome, within one week of our consultation.

  • Follow up appointments:
    In most cases, a follow up appointment will be arranged to review your results and progress. This appointment is usually shorter, around 15-20 minutes. You may be asked to have a blood test a few days prior to attending this appointment.
  • In-between appointments:
    We are always available in between appointments via phone or email to answer any queries.
  • Cancelling/rescheduling appointments:
    If you need to change your appointment time, please call or email us at least 24 hours in advance, so that your appointment time can be offered to patients on our waiting list.
  • Telehealth appointments:
    Telehealth appointments are available. Please indicate your preference when booking in.
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A face to face consultation is preferred for the first appointment. However if you are unable to attend physically, we can organise a telehealth consultation.

If you are an existing patient and your query is urgent, you can contact Dr Kumareswaran directly through Cabrini Malvern main hospital switchboard – (03) 9508 1222.

Please call or email us with your requests, at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Failure to do so may result in a late cancellation fee.

Yes, you can certainly bring one family member or friend with you. If you wish to bring more family members, please check with us in advance.

Please let us know of your financial situation. We are able to charge a reduced (pension) rate and bulk bill in certain cases.

In the CBD, you will have to use a parking building or metered street parking. At Cabrini Malvern, underground paid parking is available.

You can discuss an estimate of the fees with our reception staff via phone.

Both locations are serviced by public transport (tram or train).

To book an appointment, please get in touch.